Pool Player’s Post-Victory Interview Goes Viral Because He’s A Legend

Twitter/Sky Sports

This pool player’s winning speech has gone viral, purely because it’s absolutely brilliant. 

Japanese player Naoyuki Oi stunned his interviewer with the most bizarre yet legendary speech to date at the World Pool Masters yesterday, according to Sky Sports.

Interviewer Tony Wrighton ploughed straight in with his quizzing of the winning player and I don’t think he was quite ready for the replies he was met with.


After commenting on his win, Oi looked like he was taking it all in, before giving back the most hilarious of replies.

Not understanding the interviewer at all, he said:

Umm. My name is Naoyuki Oiand today I am very lucky, congratulation on me!


English a little. No problem. Only so.

Twitter/Sky Sports

Baffled, the interviewer continued and seeming to contemplate his answer, Oi’s next quip was pure, unexpected genius.

He exclaimed:

I have a pen, I have a apple.

Oi apple pen.

After giggling at himself and the joke he’d made, the pair looked at each other in blissful bewilderment, before confused Wrighton admitted he’d ‘never done an interview like this before’.

The presenter’s last question was actually well received by Naoyuki, as he asked if thought he would ‘win this tournament’.

To which he cheerfully replied with:

Hmm. Hmm. No problem.

And that my friends, concluded the unusual interview. Pure comedy gold.

There may have been language barriers, but clearly that did not phase Oi.

What a legend.