New Premier League Ball Leaked And People Are F*cking Fuming

pl ball 3Twitter

People don’t like change.

Especially the English, who like their routine and things to be as they were back in the day.

So when the new Premier League ball was leaked earlier today, people kicked off (pun intended) on social media and vented their fury via their favourite 140-character platform, Twitter.

The garish colours didn’t go well, and people didn’t hold back when they were furiously bashing their keyboards in disgust.

Here’s the best of the reaction:

One guy liked it though:

Others thought they’d cracked where the inspiration came from:

Finally, it took some scrolling but we found the one guy who manages to put everything into perspective:

Thanks John, you absolute legend. We can all sleep at night now, knowing that you’re here to provide a much-needed sense of realism to a world that produces such an opinion-dividing bag of air.