Prize-Winning Swimmer, 10, Disqualified Because He Used To Be A Girl


A transgender 10-year-old won second prize in a swimming gala was then disqualified because he used to be a girl.

Organisers of the gala, Welsh youth movement Urdd, said he had worn the wrong swimming trunks on but his mother, who doesn’t want to be named, said he had to wear a ‘skin’ as transgender bathing suits do not exist.

She said her child – who also has autism – was born a girl but now identifies, dresses, and is treated at school as a boy. To add insult to injury his school team was also disqualified from the relay.

His mother said:

This is a child that for the first time has felt included, so for them to disqualify him is ridiculous. The most important thing is to get him back into the water – because of the autism, swimming is a sport that he doesn’t really have to get involved with other people to take part. The importance of swimming to him is massive.

Now his mum and school have protested because they believe he was disqualified after his gender transition was ‘outed’ to the judges.

A spokesman for Urdd has responded saying:

He was disqualified on two accounts – for wearing a ‘skin’, which is not allowed under our normal rules and also for a technical fault. After considering the facts, the Urdd reversed the disqualification for the ‘skin’, but can’t reverse the disqualification for the technical fault. The Urdd will make sure that no child faces prejudice for whatever reason.