Quarterback Shoots Shot With Halle Berry After She Asks Why They Named A Play After Her

American Quarterback Hits on Halle BerryGetty

An American football player has publicly hit on Halle Berry after she asked him why he was shouting her name during a recent game.

Jared Goff, a quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams, could be heard shouting out the name of the Hollywood actress throughout Sunday’s Rams-Seahawks game.

Naturally, people were left confused and unsure of what it meant. Not least of all, Halle Berry herself who took to Twitter to ask Goff what it was all about.

You can hear Jared shouting her name below:

In the short 10 second clip, Goff can be heard screaming ‘Halle Berry’ a total of three times, using it as an audible to make it clear to his team what he wants them to do.

Now, I’m no expert on American football so I had to google what an ‘audible’ actually was. I immediately got taken to a site called Dummies, which, in my humble opinion is very apt.

Apparently, an audible is when the quarterback changes play at the last minute at the line of scrimmage – usually because of the way the defence has lined up.

And obviously a code word or phrase is used to prevent the other team from knowing their future play. Genius, right?

Well, Halle Berry heard about what had happened and curiosity clearly got the better of her because she just had to know what it was all about.

She posted a tweet yesterday (November 11) after the match, making sure to tag Goff and the Los Angeles Rams into it to get their attention.

She wrote, alongside a confused and laughing face emoji:

Hold up. @JaredGoff16 @RamsNFL – What is a “Halle Berry”??

Making the most of this opportunity, the quarterback replied to the actress in a short matter of hours in the smoothest way possible.

Not holding back, he responded:

It’s my favorite play ever

Which, to be honest, doesn’t really answer her question but a shooter’s got to take his shot, right? Because let’s face it, if a Hollywood actress tweets you directly, you’re not exactly going to waste the opportunity are you?

And you can’t get much smoother than that, can you? His teammates spotted this exchange and – like all good friends do – immediately ripped into the quarterback.

Fellow Rams player Todd Gurley II got involved in the action, as well as fellow football players Rich Ohrnberger and Dan Orlovsky.

They wasted no time in replying to his tweet:

Hilarious. Halle is yet to reply to Goff’s advances, but to be honest I’m not sure what she could possibly come back with.

And the quarterback isn’t the only one shooting his shot at famous actors this week, as Nicki Minaj hit on Michael B. Jordan at the People’s Choice Awards yesterday (November 11).

She initially thanked the designer who made her outfit for the ceremony, before turning her attention to the actor Michael B. Jordan.

As she accepted her award, she said:

Shout out to Donatella Versace for custom making this outfit for me. And shout out to Michael B. Jordan cause he’s gonna be taking it off of me tonight.

Amazing – Jimmy Fallon’s reaction says it all really. I don’t know anyone with that amount of sass and confidence to stand up and say that in front of literally thousands of viewers.

Unless she actually is in a relationship with him and that was her way of going public with it? Who knows?

Either way, I think we should all take a leaf from Nicki’s and Jared’s book and not be afraid to go for what we want (as long as it’s safe and legal, obvs).

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