Race Official Wanders Into Track And Wipes Out Runners


These runners were taken out of the game completely by a clumsy official.

If you’ve ever ran competitively you’ll know how bloody difficult it is, it’s a test of endurance, stamina, consistency, and pacing.

Running 1500 metres is no walk in the park, so imagine how these unfortunate athletes felt when this official came waltzing on the track interrupting the ebb and flow of the race.

To channel our inner Big Narstie, this guy has positively ‘fucked up the base’ right here. There are so many questions…

Number one: ‘What the hell were you doing on the track in the first place? You’re a bloody official mate, you should at least be on the sidelines.

Number two: Why did you jump IN their way? You weren’t even originally in the lane of the race traffic. You were at least a yard or two off, you jumped into it you daft man.


Number three: Who were you working for? Someone must’ve put you up to this, right? How much did they pay you to wreck this race?

That last bit makes it sound like we’re accusing him of illegally helping out another racer, we’re not – but his effect on the result is undeniable.

If I were either of those front-runners I’d be pretty pissed off right now…