Racing Fan Caught Drinking From Secret Binocular Flask Goes Viral


If you’ve ever attended an event where the alcohol is – for want of a better word(s) – bloody expensive, then you’ll understand the overwhelming regret you experience when you realise you could have sneaked it in.

So when the opportunity presents itself, I think it’s fair to say most of us would go to extreme lengths to avoid paying seven plus quid for a glass of wine. Because, why not?

I’ve heard of sneaking a bottle in a loaf of bread for festivals, or the old hide a flask in the bra trick – but have you ever heard of something as ingenious as using binoculars as a hiding place for your favourite tipple?

No? Well, step aside because one girl has kicked off 2019 in the best way possible – by sneaking a hip flask, disguised as a pair of binoculars, into a racing event.

The unknown girl was caught on camera watching the races at Cheltenham Racecourse, but eagle-eyed viewers only noticed one thing when the camera panned to her.

Instead of cheering, or getting involved in any of the pre-race festivities, the girl was taking a sip from what appeared to be a pair of binoculars.

ITV Racing posted a GIF of the girl to their Twitter account:

And it seems they think the girl’s feat is as impressive as I do, because they only applauded her for her actions.

They wrote, alongside the video:

10 out of 10 for effort on this!

I have to agree; as someone who’s always been too scared to sneak contraband into events because I don’t want to get kicked out, this girl has it sorted. Just think about all the money she’ll have saved!

And it seems like it isn’t just me who’s in awe of the girl with the binoculars (new The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo film, anyone?) because Twitter was soon awash with people sharing their admiration for her.

One person tweeted:

we out here living in 2019 and she’s living in 2098 [sic]

While another wrote:

showing so much determination and the year has only just begun

And another said:

Love this girl! Got to make the best of what you have

If you want to follow in this mysterious girl’s footsteps and save yourself some money while you’re at it, then I have just the news for you.

Amazon are selling the genius inventions right now for as little as £11, and they can hold more than 450ml – that’s more than two and a half glasses of wine!

And the possibilities are endless – festivals, the races, picnics… You name it, the binoculars can go with you anywhere. If you think about how much money it’ll save you in the long-run, I think we’re on to a winner.

Well, there you have it. The greatest invention to come out of 2019 (so far). I’ll be honest, it’s going to take some beating for me.

Now if you’ll just excuse me while I do some online shopping on Amazon…

Remember to drink responsibly though!

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