Rain Returns To UK As England Get Knocked Out Of The World Cup

Harry Maguire England World Cup PA Images

A shadow has fallen. The clouds are back. It’s no longer sunny and England are out of the World Cup. 

Before yesterday, (July 11) the future looked bright for England. The weather and the football!

It’d been sunny for an unprecedented amount of time, beer gardens had never been so busy, and the country was full of hope and excitement as the Three Lions advanced to the World Cup semi-final.

As Croatia scored their second goal in extra time last night, the hope and excitement began to fizzle out.

The second the final whistle blew, darkness descended over the county – and not just metaphorically.

For the first time in weeks, we’re waking up today, (July 12) to miserable clouds. The greyness of the day is reflective of England fans’ moods in a way that, if this was a novel, would delight English literature teachers everywhere.

But it’s not a novel, it’s our reality, and it’s sorrowful.

Rain returns to the UK and I can only believe it’s because the clouds are crying over our loss.

This was not the turn of events we wanted.

England supporters have taken to Twitter to share their woes:

One person wrote:

England loose,
Weather goes back to normal,
Nothing to look forward to,
Back to the dark days it is

While another person added:

Football brings happiness and by the looks of things it brings good weather too, no coincidence it’s rained for the first time in a month the day after we’ve been knocked out of the World Cup.

England Croatia World Cup 2018PA

A third person said:

Sh*t Weather. Sh*t Mood. Sh*t Day.

Normal service resumed in England.

Fans were gutted at the result of last night’s game, and now we can’t even be sad in the sun.

According to the Evening Standard, Hurricane Chris will be blowing through some parts of the UK, stealing our sunshine and bringing rain over the next few days.

As if the current condition of England isn’t bad enough…

Weather forecaster, Becky Mitchell said:

On Sunday and Monday western and northern parts of the UK will see fresher conditions and some rain.

Dammit, Chris.

The misery continued on Twitter, with one person writing:

See what happens when England are out of the World Cup, the weather becomes dull and overcast

While another tweeted:

So the weather is positively biblical (I’m sat at my desk soaked to the skin), England are out of the World Cup, and Trump is on his way. Normal service resumed then yeah?

As sad as the country is today, (July 12) I’ve got to admit, England did well throughout the tournament, keeping fans excited and taking us further than we’ve been in a long time. Since Italia ’90 to be exact!

Maybe one day we’ll look back at this World Cup with fond memories, but right now, it’s just too raw.

Hopefully Hurricane Chris will pass soon, so while we wallow in disappointment, we can at least get back to enjoying one aspect of our summer with sunny weather.

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