Randy Orton Caught Staring At Fan’s Boobs During Selfie


Selfies can capture an instant snapshot; a moment in time that you might look back on with warmth in your heart and pride in your soul.

This time, not so much…

Wrestling champion Randy Orton has been caught with his figurative pants – or eyes – down in a selfie snapped by a female fan.


The beaming fan looks pleased as punch she’s managed to nab a selfie with the 36-year-old former marine and WWE superstar.

Little did she know, Randy seems just as happy about the position he found himself him, looking about 12 inches south of the camera lens.

The picture has sent sports fans on Twitter into wrestle-mania, with many commentators complimenting Randy – who is married to Kimberley Kessler – on his ability to ‘give zero fucks’ and ‘have no chill’.

In front of the lagoon at the St Regis.

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Twitter comedians even dragged John Cena into the ring…

But obviously you can’t see him in this picture.

The selfie seems to suggest Randy is still devoted to anything Rated-R(KO), which is good news for fans of his double act with The Edge.

Despite the embarrassing shot, wrestling fans are quick to forgive and forget, and Orton will remain the last man standing after this little scandal.

All we really know is that Randy and his wandering eyes are truly living up to his name.