Ricky Hatton Savages Big Brother Nobody For Saying Depression ‘Doesn’t Exist’

by : UNILAD on : 10 Sep 2017 10:50

Who on Earth is Andrew Tate? I’m not asking because he’s been acting up and I disagree with him. I genuinely mean it, who the hell is Andrew Tate?


A Google search brings up a depressing series of Big Brother stills which I assume he was on. He also appears to be a kickboxer.

Nothing too bad really, I guess we’re all guilty of watching reality TV and enjoying a fight from time to time.

But why’s he in the news? Well, he’s been chatting absolute tripe on Twitter.


Andrew Tate, new idiot on the block, thinks you can cure depression by just choosing not to be depressed! Genius!

If you’re big, get smaller. If you’re ugly, get good looking. It’s all textbook, slap-you-in-the-face stuff that GP’s endorse across the country!

Andrew Tate supposedly doesn’t know about the numerous physically fit and successful sports stars and movie stars who have taken their own lives. Strange.

Ricky Hatton, who himself has battled with mental health issues, called Tate a ‘prick’, while Frank Bruno said certain ‘circumstances are not of our making’.

Sounds like Andrew Tate needs to get a book and educate himself.

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