Ricky Hatton’s Valentine’s Day Was F*cking Wild

Ricky Hatton's Valentines Day was intense.rickyhitmanhatton/Instagram

Ricky Hatton has had an erm, interesting Valentine’s Day, and he’s shared his naughty antics via Instagram.

The short clip shows the 40-year-old former professional boxer clad only in a skimpy pair of black undies. It begins with him leant over a bed, with his nearly bare buttocks being spanked with a whip.

As the whip smacks audibly against his Blue Moon, kinky Ricky can be heard groaning with pleasure and exclaiming – in suspiciously muffled tones – ‘This is the best Valentine’s Day present ever!’

The former world champion’s face is not yet visible, but his distinctive Manc accent and back tattoo give him away. And while he is used to being dominant in the ring, this clip certainly shows a far more submissive side to the boxing legend…

The Hitman‘ then gets up and turns to face the camera, uttering a blissful ‘thank you!’ to the off-camera person who has been whipping him, while looking very happy with the situation indeed.

At this point, it becomes clear his hands are bound with handcuffs, a lead has been tied around his neck and a ball gag stuffed in his mouth. Below the belt indeed!

Could we soon be seeing a new erotic novel series to rival 50 Shades of Grey, where Ricky invites women into his Red Boxing Ring for a very different kind of match?

Wishing his 157,000 followers a happy Valentine’s Day, the notoriously mischievous Hatton included the following jokey caption:

Hope everyone has had as good a Valentine’s Day as me!

The saucy vid has since been removed from Instagram, but not before it caught the eye of Commonwealth Gold medalist Anthony Fowler, who described Ricky as being a ‘legend’ in a tweet:

Where did it all go wrong @HitmanHatton #Legend

Ricky also used Valentine’s Day to show his romantic side, tweeting the following message of love to his girlfriend, Charlie:

Happy Valentine’s Day to my charlie. Love you babe.x

He later revealed he had brought his missus some flowers, cheekily bantering:

Just took @charlie_n_77 some flowers upstairs… she said, ‘I suppose you want me to open me legs now don’t you?’ I said, ‘Why, haven’t we got a vase?’

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#valentinesdaybanter xxx

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Ricky may be known as The Manchester Mexican, but this is seriously spicy high jinks even by his standards!

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