Roger Federer Wins Record-Breaking Eighth Wimbledon Title


Roger Federer has just bagged his eighth Wimbledon title after beating Marin Cilic in today’s final.

The Swiss, 35, dismantled the 28-year-old Croatian, making himself the record holder for most male single titles in the British championship.

His last victory on he grass courts came in 2012 when he defeated Andy Murray.

It was the seventh time Federer and Cilic had met in professional ranks.


Speaking recently about his retirement plans, Federer said:

Health has definitely a role to play in my decision-making, no doubt about it.

But I haven’t made any decisions moving forward, how far am I looking at the Tokyo Olympics or anything like that. I haven’t.

Since the injury, honestly everything has been very much reset, that I just go sort of I’m planning till the end of the year, then I know what I’m going to play at the beginning of next year, so forth.

Maybe I think a year ahead, but it’s just important to stay on track with the plan.