Ronda Rousey Called Out For Madison Square Garden ‘Superfight’

by : UNILAD on : 16 Apr 2016 11:19

The UFC confirmed on Thursday that it will be heading to Madison Square Garden for the very first time in November.


November 12 is the date scheduled for the first major UFC event in the Big Apple since MMA was finally legalised in the state.

There will be no shortage of fighters wanting to be on that card, but Cris ‘Cyborg’ Justino has wasted no time in making her intentions clear.


Taking to Twitter, the fearsome Brazilian has called out former women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey.

As reported by Fox Sports, it wouldn’t be the first time Cyborg has publicly taken aim at Rousey, but yet again weight will likely be the sticking point.

Rousey, who was champ at 135 pounds, has always stated if Cyborg wants to fight she must cut down to that weight.

Now she is no longer the champ, Cyborg clearly thinks it is the time to force ‘Rowdy’ to compromise and hold a super fight at 140 pounds.


The proposal would certainly fit in with Rousey’s planned return, which Dana White suggested would be in November or December, but whether the UFC sees Justino as the ideal opponent remains uncertain.

Rousey is far more likely to want a shot at whoever is holding the bantamweight title, meaning Miesha Tate or Amanda Nunes are currently the most likely candidates.

Although, Holly Holm has also suggested the promotion may be holding her back for a Rousey rematch.

Speaking on the MMA Hour she said:

It’s very possible. I don’t know what their real thinking is, but they’re obviously a successful business for a reason. They’re a successful promotion. They usually have their reasons behind everything.

I’ll be ready either way. If I rematch with Ronda, I’m gonna train my butt off. If I rematch with Tate, I’m gonna train my butt off. If they give me one of the other top girls in the meantime, I’m gonna train my butt off.

The UFC has some thinking to do.

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