Ronda Rousey Training Partner Claims To Know Fighter’s Future


The fighting career of Ronda Rousey, once the inspiring poster girl for the UFC, is all but over according to her former training partner. 

Ever since her brutal loss to Holly Holm back in 2015 the future of Ronda’s dominance in the UFC was thrown into dissaray, reports Starsport.

In her highly anticipated comeback fight against Amanda Nunes almost every spectator felt that Ronda was a different and more anxious fighter than she had been just 13 months earlier. 48 seconds into the fight it was all over after Rousey was bombarded with an onslaught of punches.


After back to back defeats most believed that Ronda would take an early retirement from the sport and her former training partner, Tony Jeffries, is no different.

Speaking to Starsport, Jeffries said:

Yeah I think she’s going to retire.

It’s a big shame because I feel that all of her things like the movie roles and all the sponsorships and everything needed Ronda to be a champion and come out on top.


He added:

But now that’s gone out, I feel that the movie roles and stardom is going to go as well, which is a shame. I think she’s done now.

Hopefully Ronda Rousey makes the right decision – whether she departs the Octagon for good or decides to stick around, she has left a considerable mark on MMA.