Ronda Rousey’s Coach Breaks Silence About Her Future


Edmond Tarverdyan has finally broken his silence in the wake of Ronda Rousey’s crushing UFC 207 defeat to Amanda Nunes.

His comments to TMZ Sports do very little to convince anyone that Rousey will fight again, but he did take the opportunity to answer back his critics.

Leaving Glendale Fighting Club Edmomnd said of his haters that “It doesn’t matter what people say,”.

On the topic of Ronda Rousey‘s future the boxing coach only confirmed that no decision has been made.

He said:

It’s all good man. No plans made yet.

So Ronda isn’t rushing to a decision, although her mom has made it clear she’d like her daughter to rule out a return to the Octagon, or at the very least to avoid Tarverdyan if she does fight again…

Calling it like she sees it!

And AnnMaria De Mars is not alone in criticising Tarverdyan’s influence on the former women’s bantamweight champ.

As pointed out on the Joe Rogan Experience Tarverdyan’s coaching coincides with the deterioration of Rousey’s grappling game, along with her movement also, suggesting very poor fight strategy.

Something certainly needs to change if Rousey is going to continue in MMA – you can’t continue taking the punishment she has in her past two fights.