Rugby Star’s ‘Good Luck’ Post To Wife Ruined By Absolute Savage Dog

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Marathons are hard and people who are dedicated enough to put themselves through all that suffering deserve respect – but nobody told this dog that.

Dogs as a rule care very little for the lofty ambitions of their human friends. You could be a rocket scientist or a crack addict and a dog wouldn’t care, so long as you keep walking them and feeding them.

This dog’s owner is professional rugby union player Petrus du Plessis and the Jack Russell doesn’t give a damn.

The Saracens forward shared a picture of his wife Lisa ready to run the London Marathon but the small dog decided it was the perfect time to take a crap:

What a beautiful photobomb.

You’ve got to love dogs’ complete lack of respect for our human concerns.

Some eagle-eyed Twitter users who spotted the dog’s dirty protest had some pretty good responses:

More than 40,000 people took on the London Marathon this Sunday.

Matthew Rees wins the award for being a selfless dude by stopping his own race to help a struggling David Wyeth cross the last 200m:

Respect to Lisa du Plessis for taking on the Marathon though, even if her dog doesn’t care, she’s running for charity Tourettes Action and you can donate here.