Russian Slapping World Champion Knocked Out For First Time By A Rookie

by : Julia Banim on : 12 Dec 2019 11:28
Slapping CompetitionGolders/@simakovsergey_

There is a sport out there for every person, no matter how unusual your taste in physical activity may be. And perhaps you yourself are a fan of the bizarrely brutal sport of, erm, slapping.

Popular in Russia, slapping contests are regarded to be a display of patriotism, with competitors requiring strength, skill and the well-honed ability to slap somebody silly.


And such competitions can sometimes wrap up in unexpected ways, with footage having now emerged which shows a Slapping World Champion being knocked out for the very first time by a comparative rookie.

You can watch the footage of the brutal blow for yourself here:


This surprise David vs Goliath moment occurred during an exhibition match on YouTube show Na Bochke (On Top Of A Barrel), with esteemed competitive slapping champion Vasily Kamotskiy, 29, facing relative newbie Vyacheslav Zezulya.


Footage captures the moment Kamotskiy stands ready to get a slapping from Zezulya, no doubt feeling confident about his chances against this far less experienced competitor.

However, in a surprise turn of events, Zezulya delivers such an almighty slap that the previously unbeatable Kamotskiy goes down in a matter of seconds.

Spectators can be heard expressing their shock at the knockout, while a man rushes to help Kamotskiy from falling to the floor while he clings to the table separating him from Zezulya.

Slapping CompetitionGolders/@simakovsergey_

According to local media, this defeat marks Kamotskiy’s very first failure after entering the sport on a whim and being encouraged to compete in a Siberian Power Show competition.

Describing the reaction of the crowd, social media user ‘simakovsergey_’ wrote:

The entire hall was shocked. That was terrifying. This was his first defeat and I hope his last. He will return more powerful and stronger than before.

Following Zezulya’s surprise victory, Kamotskiy, declared he had been ‘too nice’ to the rookie when slapping him the first time, only using 25 per cent of his power on him.


When describing the slap, Kamotskiy – who is also a farmer – said that Zezulya did not just slap him, but did a full-scale hook on him.

Slapping CompetitionGolders/@simakovsergey_

Writing on social media, Kamotskiy said:

Today I had a minor nap (I was sort of sleepy today). This was supposed to happen at some point. I was the one saying that this will happen at some point anyway. There is nothing terrible about it. Everything is alright. I feel very well, everything is fine, no big deal.


The competition winner was reportedly handed an enviable wad of prize money worth 200,000 RUB (£2,383), which should do very nicely at this time of year.

For those unfamiliar with this wince-worthy sport, a slapping competition begins with two opponents standing opposite each other on either side of a table.

The competitors will then proceed to go back and forth slapping each other until there is a knockout or one of them just gives up.

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