Russian Strongman Ivan Makarov Training To Beat The Mountain Loses Control During 550kg Block Deadlift

by : Cameron Frew on : 12 Aug 2020 09:12
Strongman Ivan MakarovStrongman Ivan Makarov@ivan_makarovstrong/Instagram

A Russian strongman training to beat The Mountain’s world deadlift record face-planted during a 550kg attempt

Hafthor Bjornsson, aka Thor, aka Game of Thrones‘ head-squashing beast, made history with a 501kg deadlift earlier this year, beating the half-ton milestone previously held by former World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall.

However, strength invites challenge. Ivan Makarov is quickly making waves in the strongman community, with a fierce drive that saw him attempting a butt-churning 550kg lift – unfortunately, he fell flat on his face.


Check out Makarov’s 550kg attempt in the video below:

In the clip, posted to his Instagram, Makarov steps up to the bar, sat on top of two blocks, but if he was successful it wouldn’t have broken any records, because firstly, it’s not from the floor, and secondly, it’s in training, ergo not an official lift.

It’s a mesmerising attempt – however, as he stands straight, the bar pulls him back to Earth and flings him face-first to the floor. Fortunately, there’s no embarrassment (nor should there be, considering how well he pulled the bar).

Ivan Makarov DeadliftIvan Makarov Deadlift@ivan_makarovstrong/Instagram

Makarov wrote: ‘You can’t underestimate the barbell, it also hits painfully. 500kg lifted very easily, I thought 550 would also come in, but no, preparation continues, I’m at home, I’m strong, I’m ready. Friends are sharing a video. Your support is very important for me now.’

In recent interview with Fitness Volt, he explained he’s been doing strongman training for around eight years. He tried to beat Hall’s record in December last year, to no avail – a failure he attributes to having ‘no sponsors or any financial opportunities’ and health issues.


Explaining his appetite for the world deadlift record, Makarov added: 

I will go to the end I am crazy in my actions. I want to go the same way as Eddie Hall. I want to set a world deadlift record and win the World’s Strongest Man then I will calm down, I will be calm and I will know that I didn’t live my life in vain.

I want to win the prize money fund for the deadlift… I want to create a good life for [my family]. That is my motivation for lifting 500 kilograms. And believe me. I will do it. I will break the record or I will die trying.

In an interview with UNILAD, Thor described becoming very emotional after he pulled 501kg to set the new record. ‘It was a big moment for myself and my family. My wife was crying, I was nearly crying, I was just super happy,’ he said.

Hafthor BjornssonHafthor BjornssonJon Trausti Saemundsson

He added: ‘In the moment, it’s almost like it’s just me and the bar. I’m in a war and I’m doing everything I can, now it’s just me and the bar, so I’m going to pull it no matter what. It’s almost like the feeling I’m pulling a car to get to my wife and child, it’s the kind of feeling like I have to do it.’

Thor and Hall are set to go to war in the boxing ring, with the bout set for September 2021 in Las Vegas.

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