Sepp Blatter And Michel Platini Banned From Football For Eight Years


Finally, some sort of justice has been restored and the universe can settle back into shape as professional shyster Sepp Blatter and his right-hand man Michel Platini, have been banned from football for eight years. 

Hallelujah. Christmas has come early. The ban effectively ends the career of Blatter and seriously derails the ambitions of Platini – who had his eye on the Fifa job.

The Fifa ethics committee, chaired by the German judge Hans-Joachim Eckert, has ruled that, despite their protestations, both men should be banned after Blatter paid Uefa president Platini 2m Swiss francs (£1.35m) in 2011, nine years after both men claimed it was originally due.

Neither of them has been able to provide a written contract for the payment or give a definitive explanation as to why it was eventually paid in 2011, only weeks before the presidential election.

The committee found that:

Mr Blatter, in his position as president of Fifa, authorised the payment to Mr Platini which had no legal basis in the written agreement signed between both officials on 25 August 1999. Neither in his written statement nor in his personal hearing was Mr Blatter able to demonstrate another legal basis for this payment.

In addition to being banned, Blatter was fined 50,000 Swiss francs (£34,000) and Platini 80,000 Swiss francs (£54,000). About bloody time.