‘Shaolin Monk’ Casually Takes Brutal Punches From MMA Fighter


A so-called ‘Shaolin Monk’ MMA fighter has amazed audiences after taking a series of knock-out worthy punches with the calm disposition of… Well, a monk.

Shaolin Yi Long, a 30-year-old MMA-trained fighter got into the ring with his opponent, New Zealand’s Brad Riddell, but seemed to have an out-of-body experience when he was subjected to a series of brutal hooks.

Riddell delivered a number of unanswered punches to Long’s chin, just moments after Long inexplicably dropped his hands to his side.


Re-emerged footage, which captured the fight, shows Long in a good position having initially delivered a strong kick to Riddell’s back.

As Long looks dazed, Riddell recovered and took the chance to grasp victory from the self-described monk by landing seven punches in a row.

Despite Long seeming unhurt and totally unaffected by the onslaught, Riddell was later dubbed the unanimous winner of the bout.


However, Long’s dramatic MMA narrative came to a swift end when a spokesperson from the Shaolin Temple confirmed the fighter had no discernible connection to the spiritual movement.

The statement issued read:

Yi Long, who was billed as the No. 1 Shaolin Kung Fu monk, is neither a Kung Fu monk of Shaolin Temple, nor could he be named as the No. 1 Shaolin Kung Fu monk at all.

You can watch the self-styled ‘Monk’ fight Riddell in the clip below, courtesy of Combat TV:

It seems Long’s tendency to invite punishment in the ring is not next to Godliness at all.

Mind you, that doesn’t mean his strength and resistance to pain isn’t unbelievably impressive.