Shock Claims Made About Mayweather’s Preparation For McGregor Fight

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Floyd Mayweather never seemed to break a sweat during his fight with Conor McGregor in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago.

Well rumour has it, even before he met The Notorious in the ring, he wasn’t worrying about his chances of putting the UFC champion down.

At least, this is according to Mayweather’s father, Floyd Mayweather Sr, who said his son didn’t even train for the fight.

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This doesn’t quite fit in with what we know about Mayweather, who is notorious *cough* for his hard work and peerless training sessions.

But people did have their suspicions about Floyd’s training regime in the run up to the big bout in Vegas, after he was spotted eating junk food and spending time at his gentleman’s club in the small hours of the evening.

Floyd admitted to not doing a lot to prepare for the fight, according to Phillyvoice.

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Floyd Sr. said:

Floyd would have stopped [McGregor] a lot earlier if he worked even a little bit. Floyd did not train for that fight – he literally whupped that boy, that’s what he did.

Just imagine if my son would have prepared and would have trained that way he [normally] would for a fight, he would have stopped [McGregor] even sooner.

This makes the fight even more impressive, but also disappointing. Imagine how quickly Floyd would have knocked out McGregor if he’d actually put any effort in.

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Seriously though, Mayweather turned 40 this year and hadn’t fought for around 2 years, so this just proves he’s one of the best ever.

Floyd Sr. continued:

What the world saw was only about 50 per cent of what my son is capable of doing.

Yes, you can say it – it was like he literally came off the street to beat that man – that’s how good my son is.

That’s basically it. I used to run with my son, but we haven’t ran together in a long time. As far as I’m concerned he didn’t run for this fight.

Floyd didn’t put all of what Floyd could do in the McGregor fight.


If Floyd Mayweather Jr. would have showed up for the McGregor fight at 100 per cent, McGregor probably wouldn’t have gotten past the first few rounds.

Mayweather beat a UFC champion who was making his professional boxing debut – wow.