Shocking Moment Extreme Diver Dies Live On TV


Warning: Distressing footage.

Shocking footage has captured the moment an extreme diver died after diving 65ft into a river, live on TV.

Slovenian Andrej Beuc, 34, was taking part in a diving competition on the River Drina in Bosnia and Herzegovina on Sunday, when he struggled to fully resurface, The Mirror reports.

vlcsnap-2016-08-08-21h16m37s874YouTube/Dejan Jokic

Cheers from thousands of spectators turned into gasps, as they looked on in horror, as Andrej couldn’t keep his head above the water after his massive dive.

A group of rescue boats were quickly on the scene, but because of the river’s murky water they could not spot the professional athlete in time.

Diver-Andrej-Beuc-who-is-missing-after-diving-from-a-bridgeYouTube/Dejan Jokic

The competition was suspended after the tragic incident unfolded in Zvornik.

Mayor of Zvornik, Zoran Stevanovic, said: “This is an athlete who had thousands of jumps. [The incident has hit] me hard.”


Our thoughts are with Andrej’s family during this difficult time.