Sickening GoPro Footage Shows Russian Ultras Attacking England Fans

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This is the sickening footage captured by a GoPro camera showing Russian Ultras attacking England fans at Euro 2016.


One of the Ultras, dressed in green and white striped shorts, captures the footage from his gadget, which was attached to his waist.

The man is clearly a member of the mob, who can be seen punching and kicking a man while he’s on the floor, before hurling chairs and objects at groups of fans.

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During the clip, the man also appears to be holding a glass bottle, before making his way towards another fan lying motionless on the floor and kneeling next to him.


There have been reports of the Russian gangs robbing mobile phones and cash after attacking other sets of fans.

The gang filmed in the video is believed to be the same gang that was caught smashing a chair over a fan’s head earlier this week.

One England fan who escaped the violence and watched the footage back said:

It’s chilling. They clearly wanted to record every kick and every punch. It’s like a hooligan video game.

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French police are yet to arrest the Russians in the footage, who were wearing black t-shirts, knuckle dusters and ski masks as they attacked rival fans.

Authorities also admitted they have no idea where the yobs are right now, meaning more violence is expected.

Marseille chief prosecutor Brice Robin described the gangs as ‘hyper-violent and hyper-rabid’ and called them ‘extreme and well trained’.

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Last week, English police urged any ticketless England fans to go to Lille to support their team – but Russia play Slovakia there on Wednesday, potentially endangering the thousands of travelling Brits who have settled there.

Shockingly, Russia’s Deputy Chairman of Parliament, Igor Lebedev, has spoken about the trouble, saying:

I do not see anything terrible in fighting fans. On the contrary, well done lads, keep it up!

Excitement Mounts As England Prepare To Take On Russia In The EurosExcitement Mounts As England Prepare To Take On Russia In The EurosGetty

Russian police’s Vladimir Markin made an equally baffling statement as he said:

French police couldn’t handle normal Russian fans, they’re more used to policing gay pride parades.

UPDATE: Russia have been given a €150,000 (£119,000) fine and a suspended disqualification for crowd trouble following England vs Russia last Saturday.

29 Russian fans have also been deported from France, after a supporters bus was stopped near Cannes earlier today.

Alexander Shprygin, president of the Russian Supporters Union, told Reuters:

They want to deport almost 50 people including women who did not take part in anything. The police are making up for their mistakes three days ago. We are in a bus in Cannes and we have been blocked in by riot police. We are not going anywhere for the time being.


If more information breaks, we will keep you updated.

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