Simone Zaza Offers Hopeless Excuse After THAT Penalty

Zaza GettyGetty

Simone Zaza made himself an internet sensation on Saturday night, after blasting his penalty over the bar during Italy’s shootout defeat to Germany.

Now, it’s nothing unusual for a player to miss a penalty during a shootout, but Zaza’s hilariously bad run up caused internet trolls to take over and send the Juventus striker viral for all the wrong reasons.

The fact that SEVEN penalties were missed during the shootout and people are only talking about the former Sassuolo striker’s effort says a lot about how dreadful it was.

Italy v Republic of Ireland - Group E: UEFA Euro 2016Getty

After the game finished and the dust had settled (and Zaza’s penalty had finally fucking landed), the Italian spoke to the media and offered a rather amusing comment about his awful miss.

The 23-year-old said:

I did send Manuel Neuer the wrong way, but unfortunately the ball went too high.

It will be difficult, but I want to get over it. I want the Italians to know that we gave everything.

Now, to me, saying ‘well I did send the goalkeeper the wrong way’ when you’ve missed a penalty sounds a lot like me saying ‘well at least I put the washing in the machine, I just forgot to turn it on’, when an angry girlfriend demands to know why her jeggings haven’t been washed.

Maybe Zaza might want to stay away from social media, because he’s being ripped apart everywhere.

It’s quite something that Zaza has managed to produce a comment even worse than his penalty, so well done on that Simone!

Sounds a lot like clutching at straws though, maybe it’s time to get back on the training pitch.