Sol Campbell Tries To Upload Happy Birthday Video To Himself, Forgets His Age


Sol Campbell is the gift that keeps on giving.

In the past, he’s predicted France to win the match between Brazil and Belgium, uploaded videos of himself drinking coffee for no apparent reason, and launched an unsuccessful bid to become Mayor of London.

But now, Sulzeer Jeremiah Campbell has perhaps reached his peak. He’s forgotten how old he actually is.

Now then, that’s not actually the most shocking thing ever – we’ve all had to pause for a moment before remembering our actual age, but Sol has managed to go so far as to upload not one, but two videos to social media where he makes a complete hash of his birthday, which is today (Happy Birthday, by the way).


In a video uploaded to Twitter by user Stan The Golden Boy, both videos have been edited into one 68 second work of art, where the former England defender first claims he’s “definitely 43”, before uploading another one which is just as bizarre, as it makes no reference to how old he actually is.

In the first video, he opens with:

43 years old today. Sol Campbell. Gotta get it right though, because some people thought I was 44 for some strange reason. No, I’m definitely 43.

Erm, no you’re not Sol, you’re 44.


Perhaps realising his latest embarrassing gaffe, Sol seems to have deleted the video, before replacing it with another one.

But obviously, this is Sol Campbell, so it’s equally brilliant.

In this one, he urges people to “stay strong” and best of all, makes no actual reference to how old he is (or at least thinks he is). He also talks about maturing like a fine wine, which confirms that this is definitely an attempt at rewording his first video.

Check it out here:

Ah Sol, please never change, the world of social media wouldn’t be the same without you.