Stone Cold Steve Austin Admits Pooing Himself During WWE Match

by : Emily Brown on : 24 Aug 2019 12:00
Steve Austin pooed himself in fight against YokozunaSteve Austin pooed himself in fight against YokozunaWWE

WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin revealed he once shit himself during a fight against fellow star Yokozuna. 


To be fair, Yokozuna was 6’4″ and apparently weighed 600lbs (42 stone!) at the time. Austin is a big guy too but I can imagine it would be hard to control your bodily functions when you’ve got someone that huge coming at you with a vengeance.

Stone Cold told the story when he appeared as a guest on the show The Hot Ones, on YouTube channel First We Feast.

The interviewers had clearly heard rumours surrounding the Texas Rattlesnake’s little accident and so they decided to find out the truth for themselves. While some people might have denied all knowledge of the moment, Austin owned the mishap and immediately revealed all.


He admitted he ‘had to’ poo himself during the fight in South Africa. He blamed his uncontrollable bowels on the fact he’d been travelling a lot and explained when Yokozuna threw him to the ground he just couldn’t stop himself from letting loose.


Austin recalled:

A lot of times when you are doing international travel and there is a dietary change, things happen. And man, Yok, he was six hundred pounds at the time.

When he picked me up and slammed me, things happened. Something went south. And luckily I was wearing black trunks.

Steve Austin pooed himself in fight against YokozunaSteve Austin pooed himself in fight against YokozunaWWE

Thankfully his opponent was sympathetic when it came to ending the fight, which was probably for the best. Continuing to throw each other around with a poo on the loose would have been a dangerous game.

The 54-year-old continued:

I was laying there on the mat and I just crapped my trunks. I looked at him and said, ‘Yok, let’s go home’. Go home is wrestle-speak for let’s do the finish and get out of here.

And he’s so cool, he goes, ‘Okay, brah’. And we did the finish. I got beat and walked to the back and took a hell of a shower.


Yokozuna sadly passed away in 2000 but Austin added some kind words about his fellow Hall of Famer, saying:

Yoko was so cool. He’s no longer with us. God rest his soul.

As part of The Hot Ones’ format, Austin then went on to eat some chicken wings which were definitely not Stone Cold. The guests have to eat wings which gradually increase in heat and the retired WWE champ joked about how the intense sauce might make him have another accident.

He commented:

I don’t want level three to be the one that makes me have a Yokozuna moment here on your show.

This is the season finale, but what a finish it would be! We got Stone Cold out here and he shits himself.

Thankfully, Austin managed to reach the final level of the wing challenge – scoffing one which had a Scoville heat rating of over two million – without pooing himself. At least, not that we know of.

I suppose Stone Cold just goes to show you can shit yourself during a fight and still be considered one of the best of all time. Inspirational.

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