Stone Cold Stuns Fans With Horrific Picture Of Elbow Injury

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Wrestling legend Stone Cold Steve Austin is no stranger to injury, but this is just fucking horrendous.

Throughout his long and successful WWE career, the Texas Rattlesnake suffered a number of awful injuries and could have been left paralysed in 1997 when he suffered a severely broken neck in a match against Owen Hart.

Although he retired from the ring in 2003, Stone Cold is still prone to injury, and his latest is seriously stomach churning.

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The 51-year-old suffers from olecranon bursitis (inflammation and swelling behind the elbow) and when he tried to pick up some weights recently, he knew something wasn’t right.

Speaking on his latest podcast, Stone Cold said: 

I bent down to pick up a weight and I used my left arm, and my [expletive] left arm didn’t wanna bend. And I’m like ‘man, what the [expletive]’s wrong with my arm?’ So I grabbed my left arm with my right hand, and it’s like someone had buried a golf ball in my elbow.

The legend took to Twitter to share a picture of the injury with fans. Prepare yourself for it.

I told you it was bad.

Although it looks absolutely horrific, it’s apparently quite common in wrestlers.

He added: 

You know, back in the day, when I was in the game of pro wrestling, when I was first starting out – or hell, it could be any time – try and make a flat-back landing and sometimes your elbows just bang into that mat and you bust that bursa sac. Virtually all the boys who ever come up in the business have that tennis ball elbow as you go through the paces, because it kinda comes with the territory.