Super Cocky MMA Fighter Trash Talks Opponent, Instantly Regrets It


If you’re going to be an incredibly cocky MMA fighter, at least be an incredibly cocky MMA fighter who can back up their words.

Loud mouth Vaso Bakocevic could definitely take a few lessons from Conor McGregor – he got the first bit right, trash talking his opponent Anzor Azhiev, he just failed with the important part that comes next, winning the fight.

7xZRtkj - Imgur

Before the fight Bakocevic goes in on Azhiev’s ‘stupid Justin Bieber haircut’, although he probably regretted his style criticisms when we was getting his arse handed to him later that evening.

The cocky fighter gets a beating, before eventually being choked out by his opponent – who looks like an even more psychotic, bearded version of Ramsay Bolton from Game of Thrones, so fuck that.

YX5AusK - Imgur

This video one again proves the age-old saying – chat shit, get banged.