Swedish Couple Become Instagram Sensation With Inspirational Workout Regime

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This Swedish couple’s love of exercise have earned them a massive following on Instagram.

Jesper Lekland and Amanda Wallander ‘romantic’ workouts have been gaining in popularity since they started posting them eight months ago.

According to The Mirror their gruelling training regime includes couple press-ups, tandem chin-ups, and sometimes Jesper bench pressing Amanda.


Jesper, from Stockholm, told The Mirror:

We quickly discovered our shared interest for working out. At first it was hard to merge two different workout routines, seeing as we had completely different backgrounds.

We then decided to do a totally new workout instead, doing couples exercises to make it more fun and to make it better suit our needs. We absolutely love the exercises where each rep rewards you with a kiss.

But according to Jesper they are both very competitive, with neither of them liking to lose, so they had to design their workout regime around exercises that involve cooperation.

He added: “We decided to design our workouts to not compete with each other. As we remove the competitive element we can instead focus on encouraging and helping each other to evolve.”


The couple originally met on Tinder, and after swiping right found they had an instant connection.

Amanda said:

We started chatting on Tinder and we couldn’t believe the connection, it just clicked.

We decided to meet up and have been inseparable ever since – we now live together and can’t stand the thought of being apart, even for a day.

Now the dream team, as they’re known on Instagram, are in hot demand – companies are looking to sponsor them and they’re planning on releasing meal plans on their website, launching next year.

Amanda added:

We never expected it to become this big this fast but here we are and we’re having so much fun.

We love being an inspiration and have really taken this to heart, determined to be the best possible inspiration we can be.

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