Tai Chi Master Knocked Out By Amateur Kickboxer In 5 Seconds With One Punch

Tai Chi master knocked out coldShanghaiist/YouTube

Ever wondered what would happen when you pit a Tai Chi master against a kickboxer?

No? Is that because the answer is somewhat blindingly obvious?

Not to do Tai Chi down, it has a heap of health benefits – so sayeth the good people of the NHS – but as a martial art for the modern age it is perhaps a little too subtle.

As reported by Shanghaiist, a Tai chi master sought to prove otherwise earlier in November in China. The brave/reckless master (delete as you see appropriate) did not get anywhere close to achieving this aim, however. Not even a little bit.

Taking on a reported amateur kickboxer the master’s face was unable to redirect the energy of his opponent’s crunching right hand – acting more like a lightning rod, absorbing all the force and finding the quickest route to the ground.

The right hand was actually the only punch thrown in the entire bout, which lasted an entirely understandable five seconds.

Check it out for yourself:

I mean, you can watch the entire fight 100 times but you will not find anything to suggest the kickboxer was ever at any real risk of losing. What am I saying, you need only watch once to determine that.

I will give it to Tai Chi masters though, they are a plucky bunch of individuals, and this recent bout certainly isn’t the first time advocates of the art have attempted to prove its effectiveness as a legitimate form of defence.

Example number 2…

‘Can’t be hit’ you say? The evidence screams otherwise.

I mean, the results were nigh on identical, but the universe loves a trier.

Maybe these Tai Chi masters are just doing it wrong. Perhaps if they spent a little less time in a real dojo and switched to social media study they’d learn some ‘real’ techniques from these veterans of the game.

Oh the humanity. Somebody lock these guys up for the good of society.

We can’t have people with this kind of fighting ability just wandering the streets without the public being made aware!

So in conclusion, good for arthritis? Check. Good for promoting balance? Check. Good for controlled breathing and stress relief? Check.

Good for protecting your face from incoming lethal force? No. Absolutely not. Stop asking silly questions.

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