Take A Look At Conor McGregor’s Insane After Party


After months of hard, hard training before going onto wipe the floor with Eddie Alvarez I think it’s only fair to say that McGregor deserved one helluva fucking party. And party he did. 

Accompanied by his two UFC belts, John Kavanagh, and his father Tony McGregor, the Notorious went wild and threw one of the most insane parties we’ve ever seen, reports the Mirror.

With a glass of whiskey grasped between his left palm and Irish tricolours dotted about across the entirety of the venue, McGregor seemed very happy and very much at home especially when Fuck Donald Trump roared out of the PA.

But it wasn’t just McGregor who was having a blast as Kavanagh too seemed more than on top of his game as you can probably tell judging from his drunken rendition of Jump Around.

But of course, McGregor’s destructive demolishing of Eddie Alvarez wasn’t the only thing worth celebrating that night as the announcement that Conor is soon to be a daddy had also stunned the world.

But of course – there was a lot, lot more going on than just that:

I envy MMA journalist Chamatkar Sandhu a lot right now. Now I just need to find a night as impressive as that in Manchester.

Congrats Mr. McGregor – now when will you stop being such a fucking beast.