The Big Show Had Painful Request For Floyd Mayweather Before WWE Brawl

by : UNILAD on : 29 Apr 2017 09:46

WWE legend the Big Show made a strange request to Floyd Mayweather before their famous and extremely mismatched fight.

Despite their clear size difference, oh and the fact that Floyd is a boxer not a performing Wrestler, the pair have tussled twice inside a WWE ring.


Because a lot of fans were put off by the mismatch, the Big Show, aka Paul Donald Wright, told Mayweather to deliberately break his nose – a hell of an offer for one of the greatest boxers of all time…

Speaking to the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, Big Show said:

I told Floyd to break my nose.

If he didn’t do something huge that night, our angle was dead in the water.

It’s just the size disparity, I was trying to do something different than a normal wrestling angle, so this is an opportunity with a trained professional, who I trusted, and is one of the greatest fighters who ever boxed (to do something special).

I’d spent a whole year messing around the ring boxing, so I knew he knew how to break my nose without shoving it through the back of my head. It was a left hook, it was awesome.


At No Way Out, Mayweather perfectly carried out the stunt and interest from fans hit the roof.

Mayweather jumped into the ring and landed a nasty right hook on the giant before legging it with his entourage.

Fair play to the Big Show, he took that like a boss!

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