The Netherlands Celebrate Olympic Win By Trolling Donald Trump

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With 2018’s Winter Olympics in full swing in Pyeongchang, South Korea, it’s a chance for nations across the world to not only show their superior athletic acumen but also for their fans to make political statements in front of a worldwide audience.

The Netherlands wasted no time in taking a shot at President Donald Trump after their athletes pulled off an impressive medals sweep in the women’s 3,000m speed skating event, making them the first nation at this year’s games to walk away with gold, silver and bronze.

If you think the Dutch were going to be humble in victory, the world was in for a rude awakening as they unfurled a banner bearing their nations famous horizontal tricolour with a message for the controversial head of state.

Captured on camera by Dutch TV channel NOS, two women can be seen holding the Dutch flag which read:

Sorry Mr. President…The Netherlands FIRST… and 2nd… and 3rd!

Of course, this was in direct response to Trump’s dogmatic mantra of ‘America First’ and while the president was not in South Korea to attend the games – he’s having too much fun at Mar-a-Lago one would presume – he will no doubt catch wind of this sight.

Unlike Beetlejuice, you only need to say Trump’s name once and he’s got a pre-drafted Tweet ready to post with your name on it.

Athletes using their platform for political change is nothing new, during the 1968 Olympics in Mexico, US athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos did the black power salute in response to the racial injustices happening to African Americans back home as they stood for the national anthem.

Muhammad Ali was stripped of his heavyweight titles and thrown in prison after he refused to be drafted to fight in the Vietnam War.

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More recently NFL and NBA players have taken a knee during the American national anthem as a way of showing solidarity to the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement and the current administration’s reaction to their protest.

Trump has been very vocal about his disdain towards those NFL players, which he sees as a sign of disrespect to the nation.

While Trump might not be in South Korea for the Winter Games his doppelganger, along with a Kim Jong-un counterpart have been making their rounds in Pyeongchang.

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The two pranksters have used this opportunity to call for peace between North Korea and the US.

However, it seems peace was the last thing on the stadium security’s mind as they had the pair thrown out.

Well, they gave it a go…