The Olympic Diving Pool Is No Longer Green, But Has A Bigger Problem


Although we’re all utterly captivated by the Olympics at the minute, the fact that the diving pool turned into a toxic green colour after becoming invaded by algae is pretty fucking grim. 

However, the pool has now been closed to athletes after the Rio organisers sent in experts to change the colour of the water back to blue.

But it’s not all good news as German diver, Stephan Feck, who is scheduled to compete in the men’s three metre springboard on Monday, said that the pool now ‘smells of farts’, reports The Independent.


Writing on Facebook, the Olympian wrote:

The moment you want to do some workout and the pool is closed — the whole venue smells like somebody has fart.

The moment you want to do some workout and the pool is closed󾍁 the whole venue smells like somebody has fart #goodmorning #failed #tollermensch

Posted by Stephan Feck on Friday, 12 August 2016

He accompanied the post with a picture of himself and another athlete holding their noses due to the nauseating stench from the pool of death.

The diver also uploaded a picture of him and his German teammates in a definitely not photoshopped picture of them after jumping into the toxic lagoon:


Although in all seriousness, the fact that the pool for divers has had to be abandoned is pretty fucked up considering this is without doubt the biggest sporting competition in the world…

As a result of not being able to use the pool, divers have been forced to practice their dives using trampolines and long harnesses apparently.

I guess you could say the Rio Olympics has took a nosedive into Shit Creek (sorry)…