The One McGregor Comment That Made Mayweather Break Character During Weigh-In


The war of words has been rather intense between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather during the build-up to their $500 million mega fight.

McGregor has been throwing insult after insult at Mayweather, determined to get a reaction and at the weigh-in, it was no different.

However, it was a surprisingly harmless insult, by McGregor’s standards, which caused Mayweather to break character.


Mayweather has so far appeared unflappable during all of his interactions with McGregor until one moment yesterday.

As he stepped onto the scales McGregor leaned in saying:

You’re too soft Floyd. Too soft. You’re too soft bitch.

Let’s see your stupid, little, weak ass…

Before he could finish his sentence McGregor was pulled away by a security guard, but he got the reaction he wanted.


‘Money’ Mayweather pointed at the Irish fighter calling him a ‘bitch’ before turning on a member of McGregor’s entourage calling them a ‘fucking bitch’ too.

However, soon after his outburst the normally calm and collected Mayweather was back to being his chilled self and just stared straight back at McGregor when the UFC champion roared at him ‘I’ll kill you stone dead’.

We can’t wait to see what action will be unleashed in the ring tonight!