The Only Drinking Game You Need This Transfer Deadline Day


So the transfer window is almost closed, and there are more than a couple of clubs making some pretty questionable purchases, otherwise known as panic buys.

Few things rank higher in the calendar of a football fan than Transfer Deadline Day, and Sky Sports News do it better than anyone else.

Jim White, that yellow tie and the breaking news bar are what we spend all summer looking forward to, and this season is no different.

The title race might be looking pretty much dead in the water (because let’s face it, Manchester City will have it tied up by Christmas at this rate), but the transfer window has a bit of mileage left in it yet.

With that in mind, we have come up with the only drinking game you need to be playing as you sit back, relax, and wait for those deals to roll in.

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Drink one finger when…

Jorge Mendes is mentioned

Your club sign a player

A player leaves on loan

Any mention of Jim White’s yellow tie is made

Tweets from a player’s account are mentioned

Drink two fingers when…

The yellow bar appears at the bottom of the screen

‘Spanish expert’ Guillem Balague is quoted or offers his opinion

A new signing says the words ‘proud’ or ‘it’s a dream’

A medical is completed

A player is pictured holding their new shirt


Drink four fingers when…

Arsenal are linked with a panic buy

A transfer falls through

Harry Redknapp leans out of his car window

A player you have only ever heard of in the last five minutes and have to YouTube is signed

Jim or Natalie remind us when the window closes around Europe

Down your drink if…

The transfer record is broken

The roving reporter has to ask fans to calm down

The window closes

Jim White starts tending on Twitter

A deal is reported after the window has closed


Do a shot…

If any fans outside the ground manage to outdo the dildo incident

A club clearly overpays for a player on a Fernando Torres type level

A club are linked with a player they have no chance of signing a la Chelsea and Pogba or Manchester United and Gareth Bale

And finally, drink any time Jim White says any of the following…

The clock is ticking

We can now reveal

Put pen to paper

This just in

You’ll hear it here first

Sources reveal

The club is working hard to make it happen

The window has slammed shut