The Perks Of Being Cristiano Ronaldo’s Agent Are Unreal

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The 2015/16 season may not have started yet, but that has not stopped Cristiano Ronaldo making as many headlines off the field as he does on it.

The Real Madrid forward has been chasing after girls aplenty, telling anyone who asks about FIFA to f*ck off, and now, gifting Greek Islands as wedding presents.

The lucky recipient of the €50 million gift was none other than the player’s long time advisor and agent Jorge Mendes, who not only manages Ronaldo, but a host of other names as well, and saw all of football’s A list turn out for his wedding this weekend.

Mendes is of course a super agent, and one of the most powerful people in football, so let’s be honest, he could have easily paid for the island himself – probably from the money he’s made off Radamel Falcao alone, but the gesture from Ronaldo was certainly one to note – and another reminder that he is actually a nice guy deep down. Deep down.

A video of Ronaldo has recently gone viral on Facebook of Cristiano going undercover on the streets of Madrid:

People are going to think that I’m crazy!

Posted by Cristiano Ronaldo on Monday, 3 August 2015