The Undertaker Leaves Hat And Coat In Ring In Emotional Goodbye At Wrestlemania 33


The Undertaker has been entertaining WWE audiences with his macabre mettle for decades, but at Wrestlemania 33 it seems he threw in the proverbial towel.

After he was defeated by Roman Reigns, The Undertaker solemnly unwrapped his gloves and removed his iconic hat, leaving them in the centre of the ring.

His ominous actions have sparked rumours of retirement, after a spectacular 27 years of wrestling.

You can watch the moment it all ended below:

Twitter immediately responded, honouring The Undertaker accordingly.

While the apparent retirement has yet to be confirmed by the WWE, many have claimed it was time for the notorious Dead Man – born in Houston, Texas as Mark William Calaway – to hang up his boots.

His latest feats in the ring showed The Undertaker, 52, who measures 6ft 10 in and weighs 309lbs to be a shadow of his former athletic prowess.

A former World Heavyweight Champion, The Undertaker was an icon of the golden era of wrestling throughout the 90s, and has been honoured for his contribution to the sport.

We might have considered him immortal but it seems he won’t be the Last Man Standing.

RIP Taker.