The Wealdstone Raider Is Back, And He’s Still Seriously Angry

Wealdstone Raider kilburn timesKilburn Times

A few years back, a very angry man became an Internet sensation when he was captured on video offering out fans at a Wealdstone FC match.

The chant of ‘you’ve got no fans’ became a regular occurrence throughout the country, and now the ‘Wealdstone Raider’ is back, and he’s doing the exact same thing again.

It’s not quite as epic as the first one, but it proves that the 49-year-old, 5’2″ nutter is not a fan of Whitehawk FC, the same team his first rant came against.

Check it out:


I often wonder what will happen if someone actually takes him up on his offer…

And, just in case you’ve somehow missed the original – or just want to see it in all its beauty again, here it is:

What a guy.