There’s A Secret Fourth Olympic Medal That’s Harder To Win Than Gold

by : UNILAD on : 21 Aug 2016 12:30

Usain Bolt just set world records and made headlines everywhere by making it nine gold medals in three Olympic Games. But did he get a Pierre de Coubertin medal? No, no he did not. Get in the sea.


You’re probably wondering what the Pierre de Coubertin is, and I’ll tell you.

According to the Mirror, the Pierre de Coubertin medal, named after the founder of the modern Olympics, is the fourth Olympic medal that can be given out – but instead of being handed out for coming first, second, or third, the award is handed only to those who show the Olympic Spirit – I wonder if the Russians will get one for allegedly fixing the boxing?


Typical Olympic values include good sportsmanship, fairness, and decency, however you can also be awarded one for service to the games.


Back in 2004 the award was handed to Vanderlei de Lima, a Brazilian marathon runner who was seconds away from becoming the first Brazilian Olympian to win gold in the marathon.

However as he was nearing the finish line a crazed Irish priest, Cornelius Neil Horan, came out of nowhere and rugby tackled him, pushing him into the crowd at the side of the road.


Eventually Lima got back into the race and bagged a Bronze medal but another Brazilian athlete offered him his Gold. He said ‘I can’t accept Emanuel’s medal. I’m happy with mine, it’s bronze but means gold’ – and was subsequently awarded the Pierre de Coubertin.

Brazil Sao SilvestreBrazil Sao SilvestrePA

Oh, and if you’re a fan of Cornelius Horan then you’ll be pleased to know this wasn’t the first time he caused mass controversy.

Back in 2003 he ran onto the race track at Silverstone during the Grand Prix and ran towards F1 cars as they came round a bad bend…


When the medal was first introduced in 1964, Germany’s Luz Long was given the Pierre de Coubertin for his work with Jesse Owens at the infamous 1936 Berlin Olympics.

Apparently, Long helped Owen with his long jump technique and in turn propelled him towards his gold medal victory.

Athletics - 1936 Berlin OlympicsAthletics - 1936 Berlin OlympicsPA

The pair also embraced one another directly in front of Adolf Hitler, showing the unity between black and white, and sending the Fuhrer a very strong statement.

Nobody has been awarded the Pierre de Coubertin since 2014. I wonder if anyone will get it for the Rio Olympics. Personally I think these two Irish rowers should for services towards comedy gold.


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