These Guys Are Taking Extreme Sports Videos To The Next Level


The guys from EdgeTV are all about scaling the highest mountain peaks, skiing towards the unknown abyss and filming the whole thing beautifully.

Connecting thrill seekers and music junkie’s alike, you don’t have to be an action sports veteran or a seasoned skier to appriciate the incredibly shot and sound-tracked shots from EdgeTV.

With Wes Anderson-esq titles and perfectly planned sequences EdgeTV’s series Seeking Nirvana ups the standard of extreme sports videos to an art form.

Prepare to be wowed by the Seeking Nirvana crew: Riley Leboe, Matt Margetts, Colby James West, Joe Schuster and Mike Henitiuk.

You can check out more episodes of Seeking Nirvana here and if you want to see more amazing stuff from EdgeTV click here.

Check out their latest episode below.

Time to stop getting on the piss and start getting on the piste.