This Brutal Knockout Just Made Michael Bisping Britain’s First UFC Champion


Don’t you just love it when an underdog doesn’t read the script before a fight? Michael Bisping certainly hadn’t heard he was supposed to lose and his first-round knockout of Luke Rockhold left everyone reeling.

The 37-year-old from Manchester was only included at UFC 199 at short notice and his shot at Luke’s middleweight title definitely wasn’t supposed to end like this.

The fight was seen as a reward of sorts for his 12-years of graft in the sport, reports MMA Fighting.

But nobody expected him to pull off this awesome knockout – least of all Luke Rockhold:

The stunning first-round knockout saw Bisping take the title from an overconfident Rockhold after just 3:36.

He had this to say of his unexpected victory:

I gotta be humble, even though I want to be an a**hole, Thank you all for being here. I have always been a fighter.

In fairness to Rockhold he was suffering with a strained MCL, not that it stopped him throwing kicks throughout. His kicks weren’t enough to hold off Bisping though who got in close and knocked Rockhold down with a huge left hand to the jaw.

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Credit to Rockhold though, he rolled with it, miraculously getting back to his feet – just in time to be knocked back down by another big left to the head.

Bisping rained punches on a sitting Rockhold until referee John McCarthy waved off the bout at just 3:36.

bisping-belt_GettyGetty Images

So Britain has it’s first ever UFC Champion just when nobody was expecting it.

We’ll be watching keenly to see how he’ll defend the belt – nobody is going to make the mistake of underestimating him again after this.