This Guy Is One Game Away From Winning £51,000 From A £5 Bet

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As a lifelong connoisseur of expensive bets that leave me in debt – I am rooting for this guy hard.

Believe me when I say I have fucked up when it comes to betting. The amount of times I’ve had my hard earned cash on some bloke in the third set of tennis who’s four games up to nil only to get beat by some ungodly streak of genius from the other player.

It has broken my heart, and my wallet, in so many places – at one point forcing me to partake in an eating challenge just so I could take my girlfriend out for Valentine’s Day.


This path of money destruction has led me to hope so badly that this guy wins big.

Basically – this anonymous punter put £5 on a lengthy accumulator of potential league and cup winners to win £51,000 back. Now he just needs Juve to win the Champions League Final against Real Madrid for almost £52,000.

Celtic, done. Chelsea, done. Newcastle, done. Sheffield Utd, done. Portsmouth, done. Just Juventus to go on June 3.

At the minute Madrid are the slight favourites for the win but it’s definitely going to be a close match.

Good luck friend – wherever you may be.