This Infographic Shows Just How Weaponised Modern Rugby Players Are

Wales Online

Rugby players are basically walking brick shithouses, this we know. But a new infographic details exactly how many bricks have been added since the first Rugby World Cup in 1987.

Put together by the guys at Betway, the infographic outlines just how different modern rugby players are from those of yesteryear. Sports science and greater physical demands have resulted in the absolute weapons that play the game today.


Apparently, each tackle is the equivalent of having a fridge dropped on you from 2m in the air, while all the scrummages from one game generate enough force to push two London buses across the pitch. Power.

Modern players run an average of 22mph – faster than a tube train – while covering around 9000m. That’s the same as running up and down the Shard 11 times.

Check out the full list of mind bending facts in the image below: