This Is How Conor McGregor’s Coach Is Preparing Him For The Mayweather Fight


While the fight of the century may not be set in stone just yet, Conor McGregor is taking no chances with his new fitness regime.

McGregor’s coach, John Kavanagh has revealed the lengths he and The Notorious are going to in sealing a win against boxing champion, Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather.

Speaking at an event in Sydney, Kavanaugh even revealed McGregor has forked out to build a specially-designed boxing arena in which to train in his hometown of Dublin.

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Coach Kavanagh told a packed crowd:

It’s happening, 100 per cent. Before I came out here I had a sit down with Conor and we (put in place) a training plan. Right now he’s doing base level cardio training so that when I get back we can go into specific training.

We have a ‘secret dojo’ set up with a championship-level boxing ring that will exactly mirror the situation when it happens.

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He continued:

Where my gym is, the guy who owns my gym, owns the entire estate, and there’s a building — I’m kinda giving away a secret here — there’s a building at the back and he’s just going to give it to me until the fight is on. So we’re getting that kitted out.

We’re going to make it into kind of a stadium with a full-sized boxing ring. We’ll have weekly or biweekly sparring sessions where we invite people in to make it feel like a fight and bring in different sparring partners.

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Meanwhile, it would appear McGregor has even bigger fish to fry than the Mayweather fight; he is expecting a baby with his partner, Dee Devlin, in the next month and spent this weekend cleaning up at Aintree.

Dana White has promised a much-needed meeting between himself and McGregor is on the cards after the birth of the couple’s baby boy.

The new week – and these revelations – surely brings about a new fighting spirit in The Notorious.