This Nutcase Performs Some Ridiculous And Dangerous Cliff Dives

by : UNILAD on : 11 Jul 2015 16:22


I’ve never heard of him before, but Nathan Roberts has one serious set of stones!

When we were kids, me and a load of mates used to go to a place in the woods called ‘Devil’s Basin’. It was a little waterfall, a deep pool (stream), and we used to jump in off a ledge, thinking we were badass. It was about 8ft high and I used to shit myself.


In my head, I felt like Nathan Roberts looks.

In Northern Vancouver, Nathan goes and jumps off cliffs and ledges, very high up, into small and sometimes quite shallow pools. The nutter.

It’s apparently one of the best spots in the world for cliff diving, and it’s difficult to disagree. It looks amazing, and I ain’t really done it anywhere else to know.

One of the jumps is 110ft into a plunge pool at a spot called ‘The Getaway’. I’d shit my arse off just looking at the drop. Nathan does casual flips. He is more of a man than me.


Don’t try this at home. Well, not home, at a cliff or whatever. Just, don’t do it, alright?

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