This Super Strong Girl Wants To Be ‘Britain’s Toughest Dentist’

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Meet Natalya Rosenschein, a dental student with ambitions to become ‘Britain’s toughest dentist’.

The 22-year-old is one of the top-placing bodybuilders in the world, she recently ranked in the top five at the famous Muscle Beach competition in LA.

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Natalya, who’s studying at Newcastle University, weightlifts eight times a week, and told the Daily Mail:

I joke to people and say I bicep curl to pull out hard teeth, and although it’s mostly technique I think strength does help.

I’ve pulled out a few dozen teeth already. My patients don’t know, because I’m wearing scrubs, so when I say I body build they are quite shocked.

Britain’s Toughest Dentist is the goal. I love the sound of that.

She trains at the university gym with friends, and says she rarely has time to go out or drink. Her hectic lifting and studying schedule also means a boyfriend is out of the question at the moment.

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Natalya’s next step is to compete in the British Finals Championships in Nottingham on October 3. If she wins she’ll be entered into the Olympia – the Olympics of bodybuilding.

Good luck to her!