This Urban Explorer Took Skateboarding To Terrifying New Heights


If you’re a bit squeamish about heights you might just want to look away now. 

In a classic ‘fuck that’ moment, local ‘roof-topper’ Cheung Jai films himself balancing on a skateboard as it hangs over the edge of a skyscraper in Hong Kong.

The fearless skateboarder hangs onto a rusting railing as he walks over the edge of the building and slowly places one end of his skateboard onto the small steel surface. 

skating web thumbCheung Jai/YouTube

Treading a fine line between life and death, the daredevil climber shifts positions and balances his left foot on the end of the board, dangling over the edge of the massive building.

He looks up momentarily and gives viewers a glance at the cloudy skyline from his unique rooftop vantage point.

Jai then balances his left foot on the end of the skateboard as the remainder of the deck dangles over the edge of the impossibly-tall building.

This whole load of nope emerged online a couple of months back and has since been viewed more than 15,000 times on Instagram and 38,000 times on YouTube.

Going by his social media accounts, it appears that he’s no stranger to giving zero fucks about heights.

The 25-year-old photographer features in several terrifying videos walking and climbing dozens of Hong Kong’s famous skyscrapers.

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Rather him than me, that’s all I can say!