Tony Bellew Beats David Haye In The 11th Round


Boxing fans, drunkards, and pundits across the globe have been left gobsmacked this evening as rank outsider Tony Bellew beat David Haye.

In perhaps the most over-hyped fight of this year, the Battle of the Bums resulted in a shock victory for the 34-year-old scouser.

Going into the fight tensions where high with both fighters slamming one another in the weeks prior.


But all of that came to an end with the underdog crowned as winner.

Disgustingly, just days before the fight, David Haye claimed that ‘something horrific will happen’, in an interview with TalkSport.

In the despicable interview, Haye said:

It’s not about knocking this guy down for 10 seconds; I want to do this guy some serious damage.

I will be unhappy if he gets up after 10 seconds. I would consider that a loss.

I don’t believe it should be taking place. I think it’s too dangerous. I think something horrific will happen on Saturday night.

I am training to not punch his head, but punch through his head. This is how I train. This is why I’ve knocked out 26 of my 28 victims – because I train to do damage to people.

If I’m punching to the ribs, I’m aiming to break the ribs.


Haye added:

When I was a kid playing rugby I wanted to break their spine when I tackled them. It’s just how I am, it’s why I am so effective.

People don’t like it, in today’s society, it seems wrong, it seems harsh, but I am a gladiator. This is what I do. This guy has woken a beast.

You’ll see what happens to a guy who doesn’t deserve to be in a ring with me.

I haven’t felt this passionate about a fight before in my whole life… You’re going to see the most destructive heavyweight on the planet.

Spoke too soon?