Tony Hawk Pulls Off Incredible Trick While Holding A Glass Of Milk

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 01 Sep 2020 10:59
Tony Hawk Pulls Off Incredible Trick While Holding A Glass Of MilkTony Hawk Pulls Off Incredible Trick While Holding A Glass Of MilkTony Hawk/Twitter

In case you were wondering, Tony Hawk has well and truly still got it. As if there was ever any doubt.

The skateboarding pro turned 52 earlier this year, but his prowess shows no sign of slowing down any time soon.

In fact, he can still do tricks with such ease, that he doesn’t even spill a drop of milk.


Lost me? Okay, you’ll have to watch this trick to have any idea what I’m talking about:

Seriously, this dude has actually got me questioning gravity.

Sharing the clip on Twitter, Hawk revealed that he’d been inspired by Olympic swimmer Katie Ledecky to take part in the ‘Got Milk’ challenge, after she successfully swam a length with a glass of chocolate milk balanced on the back of her head the entire time.


You can check out her stunt here too:

I mean, wow.

‘I tried to do a bunch of basic skate tricks without spilling to little success,’ Hawk wrote. ‘So I tried this as a joke… and it worked (yes it’s real). Got McTwist?’


Obviously, it’s worth noting that both of the stunts are ads for a very clever marketing campaign with Got Milk, but they’re bloody impressive nonetheless.

Can we also talk about the fact that Tony described it as a basic trick despite the fact he literally managed the McTwist so quickly he defied gravity?

Fortunately, it seems as though the skating legend is feeling better after a nasty injury left him with dislocated fingers back in June.


Hawk dislocated a couple of his fingers while he was skating with his son and friends in an empty backyard pool, and had to be rushed to hospital by his eldest son.

‘The session was fun until I did a backside smith stall as a set up for a backside blunt, and suddenly found myself on the flat bottom with my fingers bending in new directions,’ he wrote on Instagram at the time.

‘The coping was huge and I paid the price by hanging up on my back truck. In that moment, I regretted not wearing full pads. Ironically, that wouldn’t have saved me from injury but I was being too cavalier to think that a wall over 8’ with vert was as safe as a mini-ramp.’


He added:

The session came to a screeching halt, and Riley drove me to the hospital like Ricky Bobby with a cougar in the backseat. Upon being admitted, a nurse checked my fingers and said they looked ‘dusky.’

Luckily no injuries here, just milk and some mad skills.

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