Tony Hawk Recalls ‘Strange Experience’ Of Being Challenged To Game Of Skate At Awards Ceremony

by : Julia Banim on : 15 Nov 2021 15:14
Tony Hawk Recalls 'Strange Experience' Of Being Challenged To Game Of Skate At Awards CeremonyAlamy

Tony Hawk has revealed that he was once challenged to a game of skate while attending a prestigious awards ceremony in Dublin.

Back in 2009, the now 53-year-old professional skateboarder was invited to University College Dublin (UCB) to receive the James Joyce Award from the university’s Literary and Historical Society.


This honour is bestowed upon those who’ve enjoyed exceptional success in their chosen field, with past recipients including the likes of Eddie Izzard, Will Ferrell and Sir Alex Ferguson.


A full 12 years on and Hawk has opened up about a ‘strange experience’ which happened during his visit, reminiscing on a recent episode of the Hawk Vs. Wolf podcast.

During a 15 minute a Q & A session in the Irish capital all those years ago, one guy kept pestering Hawk to ‘give me a game of skate’. Even when Hawk tried to make his excuses by explaining he didn’t have his gear with him, the audience member revealed he was already prepared with an extra board.


Hawk recalled that he kept ‘trying to weasel out of it’, but the fellow skater remained persistent:

That really wasn’t what I was there for, and I didn’t have my skate shoes. It was a whole thing. He kept raising his hand. He kept trying to get back in on the conversation.

After the talk was finished and Hawk was making his way out of the building, he encountered the eager attendee once again, this time brandishing two skateboards. He was all out of excuses.

Tony Hawk (Alamy)Alamy

Knowing there was no escape, Hawk revealed ‘we went at it’. Although he admitted the guy was ‘pretty good’, Hawk ultimately beat him because, well, he’s Tony Hawk after all.

Footage from the day, which Hawk has only recently unearthed, shows the pair showing off their skills before an excitable crowd, shaking hands and embracing each other at the end.

Sharing the clip on Instagram, Hawk revealed that the plucky Irish skater in question was Richie Mooney, a talented photographer who has since relocated to Vancouver, British Columbia.

I imagine Mooney still fondly recalls how he managed to persuade the legendary Birdman into a game of skate with his very own boards, being skilled enough to impress him.


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